Completed speaker
Completed speaker

Ammo Can Bluetooth Speaker

For my 3rd year Engineering project, I designed and constructed my own Bluetooth speaker.

The completed speaker was built within a surplus army ammunition can, and boasted a battery life of over 24 hours on a single charge. It could also be used as an emergency phone charger if needed.

The aim of this project was to develop a rugged speaker, with improved battery lift to those available on the market. Work for this project entailed vast amounts of research on audio and speaker design, as well as the current state of Bluetooth communication technology. Components were sourced based on quality, and cost effectiveness. In some cases, due to either cost, or unavailability, some components required re-engineering to adapt them to the needs of the project. This work involved relocating circuit board components, and adding components to existing circuits. These modifications were completed by myself, and involved drawing out many wiring diagrams to understand the new connections needed, and also a great deal of soldering small components.