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March 20, 2020 nimrod86 No comments exist

Just a *VERY* quick update, I recently killed my previous VPS doing a dist-upgrade (turns out the VPS was incompatible) and the host company informed me that the package I was on was approaching it’s EOL (End Of Life). Seeing as I was paying almost €10 a month, I decided to look around, and found that with a company called Time4VPS, for €100/year (ex VAT) I could get a VPS with twice the power. I have since moved to them.

One issue I faced though was I never backed up my website. I had a copy of the drive from the old VPS, and while I had all the files, the database was never properly backed up. Despite the best efforts of two other posters on /r/wordpress, I was unable to use the files to rebuild the site. After hours of struggling though, I realised I could rebuild my theme and layouts, and use the Way Back Machine provided by the Internet Archive to get back the text and images I used. Within hours, I was back in action, and actually set up better than ever!

I hope to keep adding to the site, updating with projects, homebrewing, board gaming, and other things that interest me. If you read this far, or like the site, or want to call me an idiot, please contact me using the contact form! (No seruously… please, just test it for me and send something!

– Cillian

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